When a person reaches mid-life, there is often a tendency to think that s/he should have the important things in life all figured out.  Let me be the proof that you need to understand that things do not always work out exactly the way that we planned them.

It appears that I waited until late in life to become a skeptic.  Now, I find myself even questioning whether God is to uppity for his own good.  Because He created us in His image, I suspect this might very well be the cause for our persisting ineptitude at strengthening the hand of the poor, the elderly, and youth in transition to adulthood throughout our communities across America.

Furthermore, if God truly is ‘who He says He is, then why is He said to be a jealous God?  After all, jealousy, considered a vice, can become harmful, even punishing and vindictive.  Alarming qualities like these are more commonly associated with you and I as mere mortals not that of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful and all loving God.

Despite these realizations, I remained committed to praying to the Absolute.  My usual appeal to that from which we all originate and shall return to one day, is for the wisdom necessary to better understand and help in resolving the precarious wider world situation in which we continue to find ourselves.

If God, as the song ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ goes, truly does “have the whole world in his hands” including you and me brothers and sisters, then doesn’t that make him just as responsible for the current state of affairs as the rest of us? Following along this line of thinking, would you agree with me in principle that God should accept more ownership, step it up, come with his A-game, and focus more directly on fixing what has become a staggeringly broken world?

Here is one individual’s very light-hearted explanation for why God has yet to truly “bring it”.



And lo, it came to be that God was sitting around in his Lazy-God recliner one quiet millennium, and He sayeth unto His Godlike self: “God is bored and needs some entertainment.” And lo, God created the Earth and all its inhabitants without getting up from the Lazy-God chair, even whence God needed the occasional short beer break while working, still He did not leave His chair, but simply reached into His Almighty Demi-God Fridge which He always keepeth beside the Lazy-God chair.

Late in the week, as one Godlike afternoon twinkled into evening, God looketh down upon His new entertainment system called Earth and He smiled at the little animals and plants that He created. He giggled at their natural tendency toward intra- and inter-species violence, and He snickered with slight embarrassment at their obsessive mating rituals. After a few more Godweiser’s from the Demi-Fridge, God decided to make a man. Much later, God realized that He should have done this before His eighth beer of the evening.

Soon, in God-time that is, God realized that this mankind He had created was getting quite good at thinking on its own, and was getting rather uppity and rude with God. This mankind seemed to enjoy flaunting God’s arbitrary rules, and so God, in His infinite kindness tried all kinds of subtle punitive measures: like banishing the first man-family into the desert, or drowning everyone on Earth except for one man-family. After such measures did not stem the tide of mankind’s uppityness, God decided that He would use His infinite powers to hide Himself from man’s view.

And so God created the shroud of evolution. Yes, God, who valued truth and the love of mankind above all else, created an elaborate lie in order to distance Himself from His most clever creations. Much later, God realized, He probably should have created a therapist and some anti-anxiety drugs for Himself.

And lo, God, who had created the world in only six days, had created mankind on the fifth or sixth day (He could never remember which, because eight beers is a lot, even for God). After this great achievement God decided to devise elaborate falsehoods to hide His accomplishments. He made man think the Earth was over 4 billion years old, instead of several thousand years old. He made man think that life had started with the smallest of organisms, and that through an elaborate system of controlled reproductive errors and adaptive selection of beneficial mistakes that man eventually “evolved” from these simplest organisms. He hid fake fossils in the ground, and tinkered with genomes, and designed elaborate taxonomic relationships among the existing organisms such that mankind would take years and years to elucidate all His lies. He bought a small desk at the God-ware store and put it next to His Lazy-God chair, spending night after God-night sweating over the elaborate lies upon lies that He needed to create to keep mankind fooled. As man became more sophisticated he invented tools and high cost scientific apparatus, so God needed to become more sophisticated in His lies. Soon, God was spending the bulk of His time on His elaborate fabrications, and ignoring His own real first interests: truth and love.

Some men and women really made God’s head hurt. These humans, who called themselves scientists, made God’s life a living Hell. Here He was, a supreme being of love and truth, who commanded all mankind to seek perfection in love and truth, and He had to stay up late almost every bloody night of the week, and most weekends, fabricating increasingly elaborate lies to keep these so-called scientists thinking that He did not exist and that the Earth and all its living beings came about via a slow, semi-random process they called “evolution”. These two conflicting ideologies, love and truth versus elaborately constructed falsehoods, swirled around in God’s giant brain causing Him much guilt and consternation, not to mention loss of sleep. And then one day the matter and anti-matter of God’s brain simply collided, and God’s head exploded.

The matter and anti-matter of God’s exploding head shot outward at terrific speeds on that fateful day, fourteen billion years ago, and in a matter of mere moments created billions of galaxies each filled with billions upon billions of stars. Remnants of this big bang are visible today with the telescopes and other scientific tools the current inhabitants of Earth have designed. About ten billion years after this big bang, some of the exploded contents of God’s head cooled enough to form planets, such as the one we call “Earth”. Life evolved on Earth, and likely has evolved on other planets, because God simply cannot be still, even in exploded form.

Some of the bits of God’s …head contained memory-bytes of the dilemma that caused God’s head to explode in the first place, and these memory-bytes sometimes haunt the subconscious of the most… intellectually evolved Earth organisms, such as dolphins and even humans. These thought-dreams of God’s memory both confuse and comfort the beings that are sensitive to them. And so it came that God was everywhere, in every atom, in every subatomic particle, exploded across the Universe in a gigantic irrepressible splatter of life, and love, and truth, and even and always: conflict.1


If this story were true, then we could probably better accept the possibility that God might still be beside himself and therefore, that it may take even longer for Him to pick Himself up, dust Himself off, and simple for Him, start all over again.  Regardless of where one finds truth, I think that for now we had better accept the stark reality that we need to begin doing a number of things differently. We may as well “wake up and smell the coffee”, decide what really needs doing, and begin doing“ a little more each day beyond the ordinary towards the further cultivation of the mind, this is the beginning of the cure of real mental inefficiency”.  We should begin by doing more reading, observing, [reflecting] and writing.  I would recommend the use of every sense and every faculty by which to at least learn about the [immense] sacredness [and greater beauty] of life (Bennett, 2011)”.


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